The latest Sam Riggs album hits store shelves on Friday, February 19, 2016, just two days from now.

Sam Riggs (formerly Samm Riggs & The Night People) gives us his latest album, Breathless, via Deep Creek Records. The much-anticipated album is the first since the Night People release, Outrun The Sun, in October 2013.

“Lucky Ones” starts off with a short but infectious guitar riff. Riggs still has a slight drawl as he starts singing. The first thirty seconds will have you hooked between vocals and melody. Riggs sings about having grown up and looking back over the years. The tempo is upbeat as he sings about having to fight, work hard, and getting into mischief. He makes no excuses for the past; the song is full of heartfelt connection to his youth. The guitar solos have the sound of flashbacks that take us back with Sam as he sings each chorus.

SamRiggs-Breathless-AlbumArtwork“The Heartbreak Girl” will be familiar to guys everywhere who have experienced a woman placing them in the friend zone. From the start of the track, the drums give the listener the feeling of a heart beat that is growing with excitement. A man is watching the object of his desire as she captivates him from across the room. He describes this collective effect on the other men in the bar as it “…got them buzzing like neon.”

The electric guitar almost has that neon sign buzz for a second to draw you into that moment.  Riggs pines for this girl who by the end of the song, we understand he knows more about her than the others in the bar. “I guess I was hoping to prove them wrong, you were breaking hearts all along.”  By the end of the song, you want to buy him a shot and pat him on the back.

The title track, “Breathless” is the fifth song. We may never know if he is with “The Heartbreak Girl,” but we hear he found someone that matters. With just a kiss, the body to body contact and his pain fades away.

Finally, Sam Riggs has two versions of one song sure to become a slow-dance staple. “Secondhand Smoke” is available in two versions; track six is the full band version and track eleven is the acoustic version. The lyrics are simple and classic about the one person without whom you cannot live. The song speaks about an individual who is so addictive to you that even if he or she were secondhand smoke, you would inhale deeply.

Be sure to let the acoustic version of “Secondhand Smoke” play for an extra two minutes of silence until 6:20; you will be in for a hidden surprise!

Album Sampler: The Lucky Ones by Sam Riggs

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