Alexander King takes listeners on a 10 round boxing match with their ears.

“Gypsy – one who follows an itinerant or otherwise unconventional career or way of life,” (the free

Alexander King has done nearly every job possible within the music industry. The term Gypsy is the best description of his journey from DJ, merchandiser, his role on the A&E show, Big Smo, to his newest release, American Gypsy.

AlexanderKing-AmericanGypsy-AlbumArtworkAmerican Gypsy blends country, outlaw southern rock with rap and hip hop.  It is ten solid tracks of music.

“Kiss My Ass” is the lead track. Nothing subtle about the title or the track. King calls out all his detractors. The beat and lyrics start off like a boxing match. Two fighters are sizing each other up, and then they start jabbing in the first round. The guitar intro gives a strong Southern rock sound, and King’s rap is strong and clear. Not once will you wonder, “What did he say?”

“Country Side” features Yelawolf and Jellyroll. Right out of the gate, round two of the boxing match is fast paced. Calling out those who just found “country rap” and are trying to capitalize on it. The lyrics call out established artists who have later taken on the term Outlaw or Rapper. What started off as mere jabs hit with sharp punches on this track.

The fourth track is “Shotgun Betty” featuring Bubba Sparxx. The beat has the rhythm of combination punches in your ears. Every word is about how Shotgun Betty was there when he was broke, and there when he had nothing.

King has full control of this 10 round match by the fifth song, “Smoke Signals.” Fans of who loved Southern Fried will make “Smoke Signals” their ringtone. When Muhammad Ali controlled the match, his footwork had a swagger. The beats match that footwork. Sarah Ross and the Redneck Social Club back up King. Strong female vocals for the chorus and the verses reflect the comfort King has in this round.

“Son of a Gun” is the ninth track. Dark and heavy guitar riffs build the intro. King is on fire at this point. The verses have a beat that reflects the confidence of a fighter who knows he has the match won and waiting to throw the uppercut. The drums carry the lyrics as the uppercut finds its mark.

Learned the Hard Way is the tenth and final track. The ref has counted to 10, and the party is on in King’s corner. David Ray jumps in on this song. Infectious lead and rhythm guitars mixed with heavy drum beats; you can almost see King with his arms up in the center of the ring and then headed back to the locker room for his next bout.

American Gypsy will make fans of country, Southern rock, and rap want to sit down drink some shine and claim King as their own.

Sampler of American Gypsy by Alexander King


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